Variazioni su Orfeo – Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona, 12 Maggio 2017

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On May 12, the melogue Variazioni su Orfeo will be performed in Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona.

To celebrate 450 years since the birth of Claudio Monteverdi, the Monteverdi Festival in Cremona devotes an evening to the readings that through the centuries have accompanied the myth of Orfeo, on an original drama by Valter Malosti, who on stage talks with dancer Michela Lucenti.

The nightmare of the evening is melologue ‘ Orpheus. Flebile queritur lyra. ‘ by Silvia Colasanti.

The work presents itself as a ‘concert’ for voice and ensemble, with a calibrated alternation between music and word. Music has a very dramatic dramatic function: in certain moments the sounds amplify the meaning of the text or emphasize some traits, others express something that is not even said in words. That is why if in some moments the music coexists with the word, in others it is alone.

In the rise of Orpheus from the Inferi there is an exclusively instrumental zone to express the suspense between the passive need to know and the rational brake of the taboo, followed by another music section – entirely built on the revision of the air that Monteverdi uses in the same moment of the work, here entrusted to a horn placed behind the public – to tell the joy and pain of Euridice in seeing Orfeo’s face. The music alone replaces the stories sung by Orpheus after his return from the Inferi, or even in the final summon the violent death of the poet by Baccanti, his suffering and together his desire to meet his beloved, his definitive descent into hades and the wonderful image that Ovid offers us of Orpheus’s boss and lion, who – dragged by the river – they still sing and nature seems to respond to these sounds through a different song of water and shores.

The music of Claudio Monteverdi and Silvia Colasanti are performed by the Sentieri Selvaggi ensanble, conduceted by Carlo Boccadoro.