October, 27 2018 – With David Geringas and Daníel Bjarnason at Teatro Comunale di Bologna

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This October 27, as part of the third edition of the Bologna Modern Festival, cellist David Geringas performs with the Bologna’s Teatro Comunale Orchestra, conducted by Daníel Bjarnason. The concert features three pieces by Silvia Colasanti, which she wrote for Geringas. The most recent, Tango for David, was commissioned by Teatro Comunale, and the October 27 performance marks its world premiere.

Silvia Colasanti had this to say about her works for the renowned soloist:

“Concerto (2012), Adagio (2013), Tango for David (2018): All three pieces are the fruit of my work and friendship with David Geringas. He’s been a precious travel companion throughout the years I spent writing this music.

Concerto is a transfigured revisitation of the classic form of concerto for soloist and orchestra. It opens with a sort of presto, followed by an adagio and an andante, condensed in a single movement during which the various tempos are mixed together in different ways. The work’s link to tradition has to do with its more formal aspects. Besides the split into three tempos there’s also a solo cadence that requires a high level of virtuosity as it goes on to develop the material.

Adagio is a basically three-part lyrical work that, again, calls for a lot of high-power virtuoso playing.

As for Tango for David, the piece would never have been written if it hadn’t been for David’s outright insistence that I explore this form. My goal was to communicate the melancholy atmosphere and the scents of the tango, and also have it reflect this extraordinary soloist’s humorous side, his enthusiasm and joy when it comes to making music.”