Proserpine opens the Spoleto Festival 2019

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The opera PROSERPINE, based on the homonymous drama by 
Mary Shelley, directed by Giorgio Ferrara, will open the 
Festival on June 28, 2019 at the Teatro Nuovo in Spoleto.
27/06/2018 61 Festival dei 2 Mondi di Spoleto. Teatro Nuovo, spettacolo di lirica Minotauro, nella foto Rene’ De Ceccatty, musiche del Minotauro Silvia Colasanti, Giorgio Ferrara
  ” It will be Proserpine by Silvia Colasanti who will inaugurate the 62nd Festival dei 2 Mondi – Spoleto, on June 28th. The Roman composer therefore continues her trilogy on myth (the previous opera was Minotauro, which inaugurated the last edition of the festival) and this time was inspired by the dramatic poem by Mary Shelley, adapted by René de Ceccatty and Giorgio Ferrara, which they kept the original English language. As Colasanti says, the attention of this opera in two acts “focuses on female characters, in particular on Ceres, emphasizing, more than the violence of the rat, the separation between mother and daughter, the love of a mother who challenges the power of the gods and the strength and solidarity offered by a community of women “. But, she continues, “there is space in this story for other equally important themes: growth through violent love, shadow as a dark and apparently only negative part of man or episodes of life, wisdom as acceptance of contradictions, the linearity – which we can perceive in the human perspective of transience and finitude – which is accompanied by the cyclical nature, to its perennial alchemy of births and deaths, of growth and destruction, of light and shadow. Finally, Proserpine is a story of melancholy and loss “. He will conduct Pierre-André Valade, the direction will be by Giorgio Ferrara and the scenes will have an important signature, that of Sandro Chia. ” (Mauro Mariani – Il Giornale della Musica)